How Does Tooth Banking Work?

How Tooth Banking Works

It is very important to know that when baby teeth fall out, the viability of the pulp is limited and thus parents did not wait for their children's baby teeth to fall out. Therefore, in order to preserve the life of stem cells present inside the tooth, it is essential to speak with your pediatric dentist who is qualified to perform the dental extraction. Importantly, it is best to extract the tooth of your children when there are about one-third of the root remaining.

The dentist will place your children’s tooth in a sterile box, which will then be shipped to the banking facility. Once the baby teeth are received, stem cells will be extracted from the tooth, processed and prepared for long term-storage within 90 minutes of collection.

In particular, there is a meticulous process for extracting stem cells from the pulp. Soft tissue adhering to the tooth will be carefully removed from teeth. Then teeth will be treated with disinfectant, and subsequently, the dental pulp will be taken out and digested with an enzyme to release the cells from the matrix of the pulp. Finally, cells will be put into culture. Thus, a minimal amount of dental pulp tissue is capable of producing many hundreds of stem cells.

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