Tooth Stem Cell Banking

It Makes Sense to Bank Children's Tooth Stem Cells

The procedure is totally natural, none intrusive and the dental stem cells hold information that is only in the teeth of infants.

Here at Future Tooth we are offering affordable long term non-invasive storage of stem cells. There is such a limited window for storing your children’s teeth, because once they are gone, they are lost forever. This is why we hope that all parents can hear this message and appreciate how this once in a life time opportunity is available today for their children. We want the benefits to be available to you and your family for the future.

Together we can give your children access to a future of health our parents never had an opportunity to offer us.

Here at Future Tooth we have created a mail delivered tooth storage kit.

This kit includes an instruction manual for parents and dentists

A secure mail protective stem cell transportation kit.

Our 90 min processing promise, from the moment your tooth arrives in our lab we promise to extract the cells and safeguard them with 90 minutes.

You shall receive a certificate of storage and stem cell quality report.

We offer a life time promise for long term storage that shall never cost more than the price of one coffee per week. Forever.

What you are actually securing is the best future for your child and giving them a irreplaceable, money cannot buy, lifetime future of health. Once their teeth are gone, these cells are lost forever.

All you need to do is order your kit today and you shall receive in express post your future tooth storage kit.

What you do next is make an appointment with your dentist and take the kit with you. Even easier, if a tooth comes out without the dentist, you can place the tooth in the protective kit yourself and return directly to us. The method of tooth removal does not affect the cells within the dental pulp.

Everything you need is supplied to you. Return envelope with our storage laboratory details, an information pack for parents, a expert guide for your dentist should you decide to use professional extraction.

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