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When it comes to security, peace of mind, and affordability, there is no better option for you and your family. Future Tooth provides first-class dental stem cell banking at an affordable price. Our team of scientists, dentists, and business healthcare professionals have wealth of experience in processing and preserving cells and are here to provide you with that peace of mind.

We are continually expanding our service offering and as a long term provider and one of the most established in the market, we as set up for the long term guaranteeing your best health improvements are available from the storage of stem cells from your childrens teeth.

Critically we offer 

  • Affordable Annual Storage Fees compared to the competition
  • Cell multiplication if needed
  • Stem Cells stored in two separate locations (Salt Lake City and Indianapolis) with Safe Climate Locations.
  • Free Shipping
  • Less than your Children’s other fees (Athletics, Education, etc.)
  • Low Cost Annual Storage Fee 
  • Lab Processes 7 days a week.

Future Tooth Stem Cell Storage

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